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Safety of eastern European type nuclear facilities (SENUF)


Specific Objectives

The specific objective for 2002 is to create a horizontal project, integrated into the existing nuclear safety related networks operated by JRC/IE, in order to facilitate:

- The harmonization of safety cultures between the Candidate Countries (CC) and the European Union (EU);
- The understanding of urgent needs to improve the nuclear safety in CC;
- The dissemination of JRC/IE nuclear safety institutional activities to CC.

Additionally, a new activity is initiated, focusing on plant maintenance, consisting of:

- Design and Construction maintenance activities;
- Identify the remaining open (generic / specific) issues;
- Disseminate the know-how on already implemented technical solutions;
- Promote the generalisation of proven technical solutions;
- Provide specific assistance for programming and implementation of additional or alternative systems and modifications;
- Preventive Maintenance guidelines;

- Promote well designed and prepared maintenance plans for components;
- Support the implementation of advanced maintenance approaches, including implementation of preventive mitigation measures;
- Evaluate the advanced "Risk Based Maintenance" approach and provide assistance for its implementation.
Planned Deliverables

Specific deliverables to DGs:

In the area of maintenance of Eastern European nuclear power plants, the works initiated in 2001, are continued and intensified in 2002, in order to deliver during the 6th Framework programme:
- Evaluation of past and on-going nuclear safety projects related to Plant maintenance;
- Elaboration of a data base of the results of Plant Maintenance projects;
- Identification of remaining needs;
- Elaboration of list of actions and project plans to be further developed.

SENUF will participate to the deliverables related to Eastern European-type power plants in the existing nuclear safety related networks, and contribute to the understanding of urgent needs to improve the nuclear safety in CC.

As a result of the research:

The first deliverable will be the creation of a Working Group "Safety of nuclear facilities in Eastern Europe" dedicated to Plant Maintenance.
This task includes:

- Writing-up a club type agreement;

- Creation of the Working Group Steering Committee;

- Establishment of the Working Group work programme.

Activities will start in 2002 to deliver during the
6th Framework programme, Guidelines in:
- Design Construction maintenance;
- Preventive Maintenance.

Summary of deliverables 2001: 31/12/2001

The project scope has been redefined and refocused due to the lack of experienced man-power available in JRC/IE.

The project part dedicated to plant maintenance is starting end of 2001 with the contacts to be established in the Candidate Countries and in the European Union.

Output Indicators and Impact


Output indicators
(Specific actions taken)

(Long term results)

To create a horizontal project to facilitate :

- harmonisation of safety cultures between the Candidate Countries (CC) and the European Union (EU), - understanding of urgent needs to improve the nuclear safety in CC, - dissemination of JRC/IE nuclear safety institutional activities to CC.

Collaboration agreements with CC and EU utilities in the area of maintenance of Eastern Europe type nuclear power plants.

Contribution to the integration of Candidate countries into the EU nuclear safety culture.

New plant maintenance activities:

- Design and Construction maintenance activities

- Preventive Maintenance guidelines;

- SENUF team members invited as key speakers and/or organizing committee member of key international workshops, conferences, and events;
- Key papers issued in the area of safety of Eastern Europe type nuclear power plants.

Improvement of global safety level in the Eastern European nuclear power plants.
Summary of the project

The expertise assembled for the JRC Technical and Scientific Support to the Phare and Tacis Nuclear Safety programmes will be used for the creation of the horizontal project "Safety of Eastern European Type Nuclear Facilities"

- integrated into existing nuclear safety networks focussing on Design Safety, particularly Structural Integrity;
- and developing a new research activity on Nuclear Power Plant maintenance.

The deliverables are the reports and guidelines related to Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance to be realised during the 6th Framework programme.


Since 1997, JRC/IE is providing, under the framework of Administrative Agreements (AA), to DG Enlargement, DG External Relations and DG EuropeAid Co-operation Office, technical and scientific support for the programming and implementation of the Tacis and Phare programmes on nuclear safety.
The policy of JRC support to these DGs has been underlined in the Commission Communication on Nuclear Safety assistance to CEEC and NIS to the Parliament and Council approved on 6th September 2000 (6.9.2000 COM(2000) 493 final)
The JRC technical expertise for On-Site Assistance to all the Tacis Nuclear Power Plants (Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan) involves the participation of JRC/IE/TSSTP experts in all procurement processes for safety-related equipment, and in technical meetings at NIS NPPs to assess On-Site Assistance projects.
The JRC assistance in Tacis and Phare "Design Safety" continues in particular in the areas of programming of new projects, Terms of Reference drafting, technical follow-up and assessment of projects carried out by the nuclear industry.
Finally, JRC/IE prepared, in close co-operation with the European industry experts, members of the JRC institutional network AMES, the PDS (project description sheets) for a large new project on Embrittlement of VVER reactor vessels. The Terms of Reference are discussed in 2001 with the Beneficiaries Rosenegoatom and Energoatom, and the JRC project will start in 2002.
These actions allow the JRC to assist the EC services during all preparation and implementation phases of the Tacis and Phare programmes in nuclear safety, to assess the results of the individual projects for the Beneficiaries and to report the project feedback.
During meetings in
2001, the above-mentioned DGs stated their willingness to reinforce the present JRC assistance in Tacis and Phare nuclear safety issues.
For the Tacis and Phare projects, the main actors are spread in several countries whereas the Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) are of the same design (VVER and RBMK) and the safety related topics/issues are generic.
The creation of a horizontal and integrated project concerning Nuclear Safety of NPPs in Eastern Europe is the best solution to bring together all stakeholders: the Beneficiaries, End Users, Eastern and Western nuclear industries, and therefore, to favour fruitful technical exchanges and feedback of experience.

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