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Probabilistic entanglement creation in distant atoms


The central objective of this project is to experimentally investigate ways of creating quantum entanglement between two distant, single atoms.Trapped single atoms or ions are fundamental systems to study quantum optics and quantum physics in general, and they are promising candidates for implementations of quantum information processing. One particular challenge is to establish a coupling between distant single atoms which would allow to create entanglement between them. Such non-local entanglement of atom ic quantum systems would form an important step towards the communication of quantum information and the development of quantum networks. Based on proposals how to create non-local entanglement by projective measurements, and on recent experimental progres s which has shown (i) quantum correlations of successive photons emitted from a single atom, (ii) self-interaction of a single ion over a macroscopic distance, and (iii) interference of light from two individual ions in the same trap, this project is going to study the coupling of two ions in independent traps which are separated by a distance of ~ 1 meter. The experimental system will be set up using state-of-the-art ion trapping and laser technology. First measurements will be aimed at observing first-ord er interference of the light scattered by two ions in the two traps, which signals the indistinguishability of the two scattering paths, a precondition for the generation of entanglement through projective measurements. Similarly, second-order interference will be investigated through time-resolved detection of scattered photons. To observe the back-action of photon detection on the atoms, atomic state analysis by state-sensitive fluorescence will be implemented. The system will then be ready for deeper stu dies of non-local entanglement, which, however, are realistically expected to happen only after the phase to be funded through this application.

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