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Building Environmental Assessment CONsensus

Exploitable results

The Beacon project addressed the broad issue of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of transport infrastructure. Beacon directly addresses all major societal challenges that the European continent is currently facing: – environment – employment – education - working conditions - quality of life in general. The project's main objectives were to: - establish a platform for discussion that, by bringing together all categories of involved stakeholders, can lead to achieving consensus on concepts, methodologies and practice of SEA applied to transport infrastructure; - provide explicit opportunities to link research results to policy making; - ensure that the appropriate level of dissemination of research results is reached, notably targeting policy makers and practitioners; - issue methodological recommendations on SEA in the transport sector; - identify and illustrate examples of best practice in transport SEA; - provide support to the implementation of SEA for selected sections of the Trans-Europe Network (TEN-T). By the end of the Beacon project, four important sources were developed to address major societal challenges in the assessment of transport infrastructure: - an updated, comparative appraisal of the current state of development of SEA across the EU (illustrated in the relevant deliverables and in selected technical papers); - the achievement of consensus (within the Beacon network, which includes representatives of both the research and the policy community, from a large number of EU Member States) on a variety of critical issues associated to the adoption of SEA in the transport sector (illustrated in the 'statements' issued at the end of each main Beacon event); - The production of the new Transport SEA manual, reflecting the above consensus; - The demonstration, through selected examples, of how SEA can support transport planning, notably in the framework of the TEN-T development (illustrated in the relevant deliverable).