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Solar fibrils and spicules at high resolution


Our MULTIDOT proposal targets multi-wavelength solar atmosphere physics with the Dutch Open Telescope (DOT) on La Palma. Utrecht University's DOT is an innovative solar telescope which becomes fully operational in 2004 and is uniquely capable of supplying high-resolution long-duration movies simultaneously at multiple wavelengths, sampling the solar atmosphere tomographically at multiple heights. In our project DOT tomography will be combined with spectrometry and polarimetry from other Canary Island tele scopes and with the applicant's expertise in pertinent data inversion and analysis in two specific research topics: (1) the coupling between motions of photospheric magnetic elements in solar active regions and the dynamics of the overlying chromospheric f ibrils, and the nature, anchoring and (2) dynamics of chromospheric spicules outside active regions. Both research topics address the magnetic coupling between the solar surface and the outer solar atmosphere, which is both enigmatic and of direct human i mportance as controller to near-Earth space weather. The applicant will so share in frontline research using the newest European solar telescopes and will subsequently return to his Slovakian research institute bringing strong linkage to these telescopes and to multiple European collaborations exploiting them.

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