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The "Republic of Scientists" and the highways of European Scientific Communication in Galileo's age


The project is aimed at using electronic resources to publish on-line an accurate map of the network constituting the Republique des letteres in the age of the so-called Scientific Revolution. The researcher and the host institution aim at constructing a prototype of a multi-task database that will be published on the web site

The database will take into account evidence gathered from scientific and learned correspondences so as to define and highlight the contents the networks and the ways of transmission of cultural and scientific information in early modern Europe. It will collect data about personal biographies, scientific institutions, instruments, natural specimina and objects, places related to scientific practice. In formation will be arranged and available in a spatial and geographical fashion, so as to construct a map of the information fluxes in the European cultural space, following the model of a traffic stream visualized on a luminous screen.

The database is aimed at being user friendly. It is conceived as an open-access tool (that is open to contributes by the scholars in the field as well as by general users). It will also be accessible to different levels of use, so as to provide information for scientific popularisation, scientific museums and science centres. The highways of science project can be of strong interest for Europe. Indeed, it is meant as strengthening scientific exchanges and integration. It implies the cooperation between international institution s and learned communities. In providing the necessary historical background, it will help European communities of today to rebuild and renovate centuries-old styles and patterns of cooperation. The project will also provide the best opportunities for Federica Favino to advance her career as individual researcher.

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