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Models Of Patient Engagement for Alzheimer’s Disease - Sofia ref.: 115985


The MOPEAD consortium has proposed a programme of work carefully aligned to the objectives of IMI2 Call to deliver a step-change in AD-related patient engagement (PE) strategies and a paradigm shift in early stage care. It aims to improve patient engagement in three categories: 1) Pre-clinical AD (the most important for prevention trials; 2) Prodromal AD (i.e. MCI with positive amyloid biomarkers); and 3) Very Mild AD. MOPEAD offers four different and complementary strategies, namely AD Citizen-Science, Open House Initiative (OHI), Primary Care Campaign (PCC), and Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM). It seeks subjects eligible for CT scan in all three mentioned categories. The central concept is to test and evaluate the four Patient Engagement models (Runs) to help identify patients at risk of AD in a five-country, multi-centre setting. It builds upon an already successful model, the Open House Initiative pioneered by the coordinator (FACE). Five countries (ES, DE, NL, SE and SL) have been selected to implement these models based upon relevant expertise; the consortium brings together partners for their potential to become long-term assets to European efforts to tackle AD challenges. The methodology involves enhanced pre-screening protocols to select individuals for conventional screening associated to an RCT. Eligible subjects will be invited to formal evaluation using a protocol consensus with EPFIA. MOPEAD possesses confident baseline metrics from which to measure progress and determine the efficacy of PE strategies compared to primary care. Although baseline data exists for only three of the four proposed models, the new model AD Citizen Science approach will add significantly to the holistic approach of the project. The proposal addresses the specific cross-border challenge of improving health care and reducing the economic burden related to AD by means of identifying those patients at risk of developing AD. This will cover a significant gap in the healthcare system.


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