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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology - Integrating ecological processes with molecular mechanisms


Chemical ecology has uncovered a wealth of knowledge in terrestrial systems. Equivalent research in marine systems is in its infancy. This new frontier in marine science is further expected to guide bioprospecting in the search for novel bioactive substa nces and materials. Major research challenges within marine chemical ecology are the role of toxins in microalgae, function and synthesis of exuded bioactive molecules, presence of chemical communication in plants and animals, and anthropogenic interfere nce with natural receptor-ligand mechanisms. The "Centre for Marine Chemical Ecology" at Göteborg University - Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory (TMBL) with Akademiska Hus (AH) as property owners,is a strategic concentration of research effort involvin g leading researchers, instrumentation and new laboratory facilities with unique access to the marine environment. TMBL is developing a reputation as one of few research environments dedicated to marine chemical ecology with a world-wide network of colla boration. EU support would provide an opportunity to take the next exciting step by integrating mechanistic research on molecular, ecological and evolutionary levels. Our multidisciplinary approach, involving analytical chemistry, biohydrodynamics, genom ics, ecophysiology, and evolutionary ecology, will open marine biology to disciplines and scientists outside of traditional marine biology. EU support will create an integrated scientific environment within Europe that provides novel opportunities for i ndustrial collaboration and which will equip a new generation of young scientists with the skills required to manage our marine resources in the coming century. Support through the Construction of New Infrastructure will be used to extend our current inv estments in laboratory facilities and specialised equipment. The focus will be to acquire equipment and infrastructure necessary to attract scientists not traditionally within marine biology.

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