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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Advanced environmentally friendly multifunctional corrosion protection by nanotechnology


Corrosion is still one of the most serious processes for the destruction of investment goods, and in Europe far more than 100 billion of are lost every year. Presently corrosion protection strongly relies on the use of hazardous heavy metals like chromiu m. The aim of the IP MULTIPROTECT is to provide a generally applicable, highly innovative, heavy metal free, multifunctional and corrosion preventing surface technology on the basis of smart nanocomposite materials with new nanoparticles as functional des ign elements. This novel technology will not only replace presently used corrosion protection systems, but also at the same time add tailored third functions such as abrasion resistance, low friction or low surface free energy. The new technology will fu rther more establish economical and environmentally friendly production and application processes for the most important European industrial sectors. By eliminating heavy metal compounds, especially chromates from corrosion protection systems. , MULTIPROTE CT will reduce substantially the heavy metal contamination of the environment, significantly contributing to the improvement of working conditions and quality of life in Europe. Simultaneously it will improve the state of the art in corrosion protection an d contribute remarkably to the maintenance of investment value. Also new standards for the European industry will be set and the competitiveness of Europe will be substantially improved. By bundling the European efforts in the field of corrosion protection the amalgamation of national research initiatives into a common European research area will be catalysed and the idea of European integration will be strengthened.


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