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Developing ERA-NET on Complexity


Complexity and complex systems is an emergent and rapidly growing research field with a large technological potential. Europe has fostered a scientific excellence in the interdisciplinary field of complexity with extensive collaborations across Europe andabroad. National funding organisations are aware of this development and several countries have initiated strategic programmes within the field. The time is now ripe for examining the possibilities of a more coordinated motion of the scientific and technological frontline within complexity and complex systems on the program level. Our ambition is the formation of a nationally coordinated European setting (e.g. ERA-NET) on complexity with the purpose to further common use of experimental facilities, enhance international training and mobility, support international scientific communication (workshops etc.), promote public dialogue and awareness, and catalyze innovation in the European complexity area. The present specific support action is the preparatory work needed in order to establish a decision fundament for coordinating nationally strategically planned research activities within the field of complexity. To this end we shall in more detail identify national research programs with overlap to complexity and establish a broad group of representatives for these that will take part in the ERA-NET. We shall identify and establish contacts to major complexity research groups funded by these national programs and EU networks, and in workshops focus on the content of an ERA-NET proposal. Further, we shall identify and clarify the possible economic base and evaluation and handling processes, and we shall discuss the right form of a management framework. Reports of the obtained results are formulated, and will act as a decision base for pursuing and formulating an ERA-NET proposal.

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