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Design study for the creation of a gene expression analysis centre for early human development

Final Report Summary - DGEmap (Design study for the creation of a gene expression analysis centre for early human development)

The 'Developmental Gene Expression Map' (DGEMap) was developed in order to define the organisational and collaborative structures, ethical framework and molecular genetic and informatics technologies necessary for a new research infrastructure. This will accelerate an integrated approach to gene expression in early human development.

DGEMap analysed the MRC-Welcome Trust Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR), as a potential model for a new research infrastructure. HDBR acts both as a tissue bank (collecting, processing and storing samples) as well as a gene expression service provider (In House Gene Expression Service, IHGES). Gene expression data is visualised and made public in a database where it can be compared and contrasted with data from other researchers via the Human Developmental Studies Network (HUDSEN),

DGEMap is a 52 month design study project funded by the European Community under the Structuring the European Research Area specific programme Research Infrastructures Action. It is jointly run by Newcastle University and the University of Edinburgh. The multidisciplinary team is tackling a wide-ranging study, covering biological, informatics, ethics and infrastructural aspects needed for the strategic planning of the human developmental gene expression research infrastructure. The design study (DS) consists of five very different DS work packages each with its own objective.