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Generic Model Simulations of speading of marine pollutants in the Arctic environment during the 21st Centrury


The INCO2 RADARC project created for the first time a Generic Model System (GMS) for simulations of global change scenarios in the 21st Century for potential spreading radioactive contaminants in the Arctic Ocean from European and land-based sources in S iberia. This SSA will demonstrate and extend the GMS applications for the management of environmental risks associated with man-made changes and industrial wastesin the Arctic regions. The development of methods of risk assessments using mathematical sim ulation models are extremely important, especially development of models for the anthropogenic waste concerned with persistent organic pollutants (POPs), industrial chemicals (PCP?s), heavy metals and accidental releases of hydrocarbon pollutants. The o verall objective is to demonstrate the use of an existing GMS for simulations of spreading of pollutants in the marine Arctic environment in order to support management of environmental risks associated with man-made changes and industrial waste, which w ill be implemented through: 1. Organization and holding of thematic expert meetings as well as thematic study visits to and communication with EU and NIS experts on Arctic pollutants, their sources distribution and impact; 2. Selection, assemblage and an alysis the most relevant pollutant and their sources of influence of the Arctic environment; 3. Assessment of the relevance and ability for simulations of these pollutants in GMS; 4. Performing simulations and analysis of GMS simulation results for the mo delling of the distribution and fate major pollutants in the marine Arctic environment. 5. Reporting, publication and dissemination of project results. The project seeks to promote i) the integration of the EU and Russian approaches of environmental risks management associated with man-made changes and industrial wastes in the Arctic region and ii) to increase the efficiency of future environmental monitoring and scientific projects.

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