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FIber laser Development for nExt generation LIdar Onboard detection system


The necessity of finding a practical solution for onboard detection of atmospheric hazards such as wake vortex, wind shear, and clear air turbulence is a well established need and has been the subject of intense European research in programs such as MFLAME and now I-Wake. The LIDAR has been shown to be an optimal tool for on-board detecting of hazards. LIDAR systems used to date are based on solid state laser technology from a US company which is not feasible for onboard implementation due to size, weight, low reliability, and high life cycle cost. It is therefore the purpose of this program to introduce the next logical step to the important work performed in other EU programs which is the development of a unique fiber laser technology geared for the aerosp ace industry requirements enabling on board realization of a LIDAR atmospheric hazard detection system. The goals of this program meet the FP6 strategic objectives including "Improving Aircraft Safety and Security" and "Increasing the Operation Capacity of the Air Transport System". The numerous aerospace applications require both a high level coherence and high energy per pulse, an issue which has not been addressed in the telecommunication and industrial laser technologies and hence the essential need to bridge this technological gap in fiber laser systems for aerospace applications. The fiber laser technology developed will have the advantageous over the state of the art including high level of robustness, flexibility, high efficiency, scalable in perform ance, utilizes mainstream sub-components, eyesafe, low unit and life cycle cost. The fiber laser to be developed in this program will enable a major technological breakthrough attainable only at a European level with participation of the major European las er and aerospace companies. The synergy with other EU programs will enable the technological breakthrough essential in realizing a feasible onboard aircraft safety system.

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