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ASAS Thematic Network 2

Final Report Summary - ASAS-TN2 (ASAS Thematic Network 2)

The ASAS-TN was a three-year project that was primarily a communication activity and that was sponsored by the European Commission (DG Research). The project was organised within the work programme for 'Competitive and Sustainable Growth' of the European Community, Key action 4, New Perspectives in Aeronautics, Target Platform 4, 'More autonomous aircraft in the future air traffic management system'.

The ASAS-TN2 built on the experience of the ASAS Thematic Network project (ASAS-TN). The ASAS-TN Library was also a key feature of the Thematic Network. The ASAS-TN2 consortium was composed of the Eurocontrol Experimental Centre (EEC) as the coordinator of the project, six participants (Thales Avionics, BAE Systems, ENAV SpA, LFV, NLR, and Thales ATM). The TN2 consortium also included representatives from professional pilots and air traffic controller organisations (ECA, VC, Ifalpa, Ifatca and ATCEUC).

The ASAS-TN2 was innovative in several areas:

- it concentrated information related to ASAS/ADS-B applications;
- it is got air-oriented and ground-oriented people working more closely;
- it involved all key players;
it created forums for communication, discussion, harmonisation and dissemination on ASAS/ADS-B issues; and
it created a review group to develop guidance and recommendations.

The ASAS-TN2 project was divided into four work packages (WP):

WP0 - ASAS-TN2 management: WP0 was the management of the Coordination Action;
WP1 - ASAS-TN2 workshops and seminars: WP1 organised two-day events on ASAS topics for the RTD community but also for the ATM stakeholders;
WP2 - ASAS-TN2 internet and document repository: some 300 ASAS/ADS-B related documents are made publicly available. In addition to its own objectives, WP2 supported other WPs through the creation of dedicated WP forums; and
WP3 - ASAS-TN2 'tableau de bord' and reports: WP3 was focussed on delivering a yearly status of the progress towards the implementation of ASAS/ADS-B applications ('tableau de bord') and the production of reports.

The growing number of participants to the workshops (90 participants in the 1st workshop in Malmö, 120 participants in the 2nd workshop in Rome, 134 in the 3rd workshop in Glasgow, 119 participants in the 4th workshop in Amsterdam, 128 in the 5th workshop in Toulouse, 147 in the final seminar) is one measure of their success.

However, a more detailed analysis of the participants affiliations showed that while the ATM community is relatively well covered, industry and specifically airlines participation is still very limited.

There have been good levels of support from the pilot and controller professional organisations (Ifalpa/ECA/VC and Ifatca/ATCEUC). It should be noted that although they were funded for travel, they supported the project activities in their own time, despite continuing operational responsibilities.