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Content archived on 2024-05-29

AD4: 4D Virtual Airspace Management System


Future scenarios do not simply involve an increase in air traffic; new forms of co-operation and co-ordination are expected to emerge and new flight and control schemes and procedures will come into operation through the utilization of precise Satellite p ositioning. A new 4D technology, called D4 to differentiate with the existing 4D ATM concept - creates new opportunities in the way the controller will visualize and interact with information: adding a 4D metaphors in terminal area might help perceptua lly the management of a "funnel-like" space an enhancement of a tube inclined perspective, typical of current ATM systems. New ways of representing the information, while not necessarily decreasing workload, provide an opportunity to reduce existin g knowledge gaps, supporting optimal decisions making. The AD4 proposal target to build an innovative Virtual Air-Space representation for ATM system, providing valuable benefits to support efficient control systems where 3D real time interaction with air traffic/airport space is accessible to the controllers. Shared views of information and inter- operability between ground and on-board systems can allow workers to cooperate, managing efficiently complex operations. AD4 will be based on extensive reu se of a technology called D3 (D-Cube), developed in a successful National project co-funded by the Italian Space Agency. Such open technology supports dynamic management and scalable data elaboration for DEM, Meteorology, Pressure and Wind fields, Radar tracks and Telemetry data using auto-stereoscopic displays and 3D mouse devices. D3 will be improved by 4D constructs, supported by Model Driven Architectures and Secure middleware, data-fused with real ATM systems and validated in a European ATM cente r. Specific Human Factors principles, together with industrial practices will drive the Consortium to the validation of innovative HMIs for the future flight ATM controllers.

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