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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Dynamics of Research Partnerships for NEST Performance


EU is promoting research partnerships through FP6 programmes. This is a major way to reach one of the main FP6 goals: to facilitate the emergence of a European Research Area which would be less fragmented, and more flexibly structured. EU puts forward some particular criteria in the development of these partnerships: wished remanency, critical mass, tangible reality of the relations we name "intensity of the relation", flexibility, and pluri-disciplinary? Typically, NEST projects are scientifically risky an d emergent. Yet, they potentially provide high level of added value. In this context, partnership issues appear to be critical and specific. The DYREP project aims first a better understanding of partnership dynamics developed between the different resea rch actors committed into NEST projects. This knowledge should give the opportunity (i) to qualitatively understand the state of minds of the research actors, and (ii) to modelize the factors or mechanisms of incentives which influence positively or negati vely the criteria promoted by the EU. Then, DYREP experts could derive principles for incentives strategies, tools and methods, to manage the research and to evaluate the projects ex ante and ex post. More precisely, the outputs should impact: " The polic ymaking and the (re)design of the instruments for FP7 " Improvement of Ex ante and ex post evaluation systems " New project management approaches " Consortia building processes guides and coaching The study will be carried out on 6 NEST projects. The a pproach, both conceptually and practically, combines different expertises: strategies of alliance (especially in the R&D domain), competitive, cooperative and co-opetitive strategies, collective strategies, sociology of R&D, human resources managem ent in R&D, public policy, impact on the organizations, incitation theory. This is the reason why DYREP will be implemented by a 3 multidisciplinary team partnership. All the labs involved are French, al

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