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Measuring and Modelling Complex Networks Across Domains


The overall aim of this STREP is to develop a unified and cross-disciplinary understanding of the dynamic behaviour and functional properties of complex networks in different domains of application within the biological, social, and engineering sciences. T hree domains have been selected on the basis of their abilities to be subject to the collection of systematic data that may be analyzed to reveal the structure, function and dynamics of the system. Further, each domain must be a promising candidate for a g eneralised modelling approach that could be applied beyond the originating domain. All the systems under consideration can be characterized as consisting of interacting networks of autonomous and adaptive agents (or components) that allocate global resourc es with high efficiency on the basis of incomplete and noisy information, typically without the need for a central control mechanism. The project partners will develop techniques and tools to measure and analyse the properties of the agents and the dynamic structure of their network. Modelling such networks will help address questions such as the nature of the implicit trade-offs between the different functional properties of the system, and the degree to which these properties can be realised jointly. The eneral problem of characterising efficiently and effectively the macroscopic properties of a network from the microscopic behaviour of its agents will be addressed, in order to realise the third objective of identifying possible methods of altering the net work structure and dynamics and/or agent behaviour in order to enable real world target networks to achieve the desirable properties of robustness and persistence despite incomplete and noisy information. The most significant outcome from the proposed comb ination of empirical research and modelling work is to formulate and develop general principles that can inform the design and management of complex networks in a variety of real-world sce

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