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European School on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies


Grenoble will organize a European School on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies for four years. On a yearly basis, a three-week program will be set up, during which students attend both lectures and hands-on laboratories. The aim of this training is to offer young researchers a structured view of the principles at work in the elaboration and in the functioning of nano-structures, nano-components and nano-machines. This program is endowed with two key points. The first is interdisciplinary, since research in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies demands a combination of various skills in physics, in chemistry and in biology. The second point emphasizes the role of the laboratories courses. This is a determining factor both for basic science and for applications. T his implies that we treat the corresponding specific elaboration techniques, the physical and molecular mechanisms of elaboration and the instrumental skills necessary for research in the nano-world. Two options will run in parallel. The first concentrates on electronic nanostructures as building blocks of solid state or molecular electronics devices (Mesoscopic physics, spintronics, molecular electronics, single electron effects, nano-devices and nano-mechanics). The second focuses on recent advances in na nobiotechnologies (biochemistry, surface physico-chemistry, single molecule spectroscopy, mechanics of molecules, microfluidics and bio-sensors and high flux analysis data treatment). Both sessions share common lectures (nano-chemistry, nano-fabrication an d near-field microscopy). The participants spend seven working days in clean room facilities and in research laboratories. The present project will comprise events, similar to the first session of the school taking place in August 2004.

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