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Contenu archivé le 2024-06-16

The dynamics of regulation and competition in the new economy


"The new economy" describes a set of key developments, which gathered momentum beginning in the late 20th century. They include technological change, as well as a set of factors tending to change the facets of competition and regulation and the dynamics of our more and more integrated and complex economies.

The main objective of the proposed series of conference is to contribute to- an analytical understanding of the issues raised by the new economy and their impacts on the wealth of economies and peoples;- a development of empirical protocols and tests of economic models; - the exchange and the dissemination of results at the forefront of research;- the refinements of competition and regulation policy.

The annual conferences will be grouped under the title "Applied Industrial Organisation", which is a series of annual events organised by CEPR, and we propose to build on these foundations a new series of conferences in order to pursue and extend the research effort. This is crucial because the research agenda on these domains is particularly rich, because the policy makers on competition and regulation are raising new questions and challenges for researchers, and because the community of young European researchers in Applied Industrial Organisation need to be rein forced and enlarged.

The main objective will be to move forward the frontiers of this research domain by emphasising the importance of the dynamics of economic systems. It is crucial to develop a decision-making process adequate to permanently evolving economies. We have not yet drawn the consequences of the very dynamical nature of the economic decision process. In addition, our analytical tools need to be improved to account for this dynamical dimension.

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