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Man-induced Environmental Risks: Monitoring, Management and Remediation of Man-made Changes in Siberia

Final Report Summary - ENVIRO-RISKS (Man-induced Environmental Risks: Monitoring, Management and Remediation of Man-made Changes in Siberia)

Siberia environment has been subjected to serious man-made transformations during last 50 years. Current regional level environmental risks are:
- direct damages to environment caused by accidents in process of petroleum / gas production and transporting including their influence on water, soil, vegetation and animals;
- caused by deforestation (cutting and forest fires) variations in Siberian rivers runoffs and wetland regimes;
- direct and indirect influence of forest fires, flambeau lights and losses of gas and petroleum during their transportation on regional atmosphere composition;
- deposition of hazardous species leading to risks to soil, water and consequently to risks in the food chain.
These regional problems are typical for number of NIS and some European countries, whose territory are crossed by pipelines and / or are used for petroleum production.

Strategic objective of the project was to facilitate elaboration of solid scientific background and understanding of man-made associated environmental risks, their influence on all aspects of regional environment and optimal ways for it remediation by means of coordinated initiatives of a range of relevant RTD projects as well as to achieve improved integration of the European research giving the projects additional synergy in current and future activities and potential for practical applications.

Scientific background allowing us to reach this objective was formed by a number of different levels RTD projects devoted to near all aspects of the theme but in virtue of synergy lack not resulting in improvement of regional environmental situation. The set comprise coordinated / performed by partners of EU-funded thematic international projects, national projects supported by Siberian branch of RAS, RAS and Russian Foundation for Basic Research and projects performed by NIS partners under contracts with regional / local administrations and petroleum / gas producing and transporting enterprises / companies.

Results achieved:
- Operational and efficient project network, participating in the project result and information dissemination;
- Operation of efficient IT based tool for professional and relevant information exchange, which opens results obtained by the network members to national public, thus rising public awareness and stimulating environment protection and to international research community, thus giving an access to EU researchers to unique information resources on NIS environment;
- Improvement of professional skill of NIS young researchers, better understanding of their region environmental situation which should lead to better environment protection and health safety in the targeted regions;
- Strengthening NIS research potential in this domain, wider usage of results obtained in Fifth / Sixth Framework Programmes and higher level of potential involvement into environmental decision-making at their regions;
- Organisation of the project dedicated workshop within the full format scientific and educational event Enviromis-2008 conference with 118 participants and 60 young scientists among them;
- Preparation and making accessible to professional community and general public extensive information resources on environmental sciences and applications in targeted regions;
- Elaboration of on the base of dedicated studies of the expert groups practical recommendations.