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European Virtual Center for Innovation Excellence Assessment

Final Report Summary - VIVA (European Virtual Center for Innovation Excellence Assessment)

The objective of the project was to initiate and coordinate a European-wide exchange of results, approaches and ideas on innovation excellence assessment by the setting up of a European Virtual center for innovation excellence assessment (VIVA) web portal. The results of the VIVA project have a significant impact on improving the innovation management and securing future viability in enterprises.

A state-of-the-art web portal, the VIVA web portal, incorporates innovative tools and methods which were thoughtfully selected and are easily accessible by the public. By merely entering the web portal, enterprises finally have the chance to capture an overview of the various tools and methods that support the improvement of innovation management. Every tool is clearly described so that for every problem concerning innovation management a matching tool can be selected. Various dissemination activities informed and inform the public about newest research results and how the results can be implemented in the everyday life of enterprises.

A comprehensive reference model for innovation management was developed to structure the available information including the theoretical foundation, case studies, tools and reference processes as well as feedback of expert groups.

The toolbox was realised on the VIVA platform. The toolbox comprises tools, methods and instruments to improve the innovation excellence for European Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Furthermore, related links and additional important information will be presented. In total, 53 tools are available. In each SIG field five key issues / problems and corresponding critical success factors were defined. Based on the key issues tools and methods to measure and improve the critical success factors are collected.

Two studies were carried out. One study assessed the innovation capability of the VIVA partners. It was carried out at the beginning and at the end of the project. The second study involved more than 100 European companies to raise the current state of innovation management practice in Europe. Furthermore, case studies were collected by the VIVA partners.

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