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UV assisted Technologies for Multifunctional Materials Production


Recent developments in the design, synthesis and fabrication of nanotechnology-based materials have the potential to revolutionise several emerging technology markets in sectors ranging from automotives to nanoelectronics. UVTECH addresses the urgent need for Europe to develop radically innovative processing techniques that will enable the sustainable and competitive manufacture of new high knowledge content nanocrystal-based smart materials that will be the drivers for new generations of products. The cen tral project focus will be design, synthesis and processing of precursors and nanocrystal-based materials to enable robust photoprocessing-enabled co-deposition of embedded nanoparticles in a host matrix using a new UV Injection Liquid Source CVD system wh ereby nanocrystals and host matrix may be co-deposited at low temperatures in a single step. Novel methods for co-deposition of ligand-stabilized size-selected semiconductor or metal nanocrystals with host materials will be developed and applied to formati on of functional nanocomposite layers. The originality of UVTECH is: Introduces a photochemical step for the first time allowing co-deposition of nano-particles in host matrices in a single step Makes available for the first time new low-temperature path ways enabling production of new materials systems Expands the range of available layer processing platforms by allowing use of temperature sensitive substrates Enables processing and monolithic integration of nanocrystals/composite materials for the first time, opening the possibility of radically new multilayer multifunctional materials UVTech will be an enabling technology for controlled integration of nanomaterials, opening significant opportunities for numerous long-term applications ranging from avail ability of bulk quantities of nanostructured materials for applications in catalysis, sensing, adaptive coatings and smart materials to provision of new equipment and processes for advanced products.

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