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Content archived on 2024-04-15

Riconversione varietale con introduzione di tabacchi aromatici Bright e Burley in Varie zone, ed interventi sul risparmio energatico


Burley and Virginia tobacco varieties suited to European market requirements, and research has provided details on growing techniques (such as manuring, topping, sucker control, irrigation) for satisfactory production. However, the tobacco is of insufficient processing quality. The American varieties tested in Europe are too late for the leaves to be mature enough by October, when they are harvested to avoid early frosts. Oriental varieties are grown in marginal areas of the Mediterranean region (Greece and Italy). The traditional varieties has degenerated greatly due to inbreeding and viral diseases. In view of market pressure and changing consumer tastes, a breeding programme wasstarted, which has led to new varieties which are now available to growers. Since the Commission is anxious that attention be devoted to breeding very low tar varieties, future research will be concentrated on the following 3 areas:
chemcial and technological studies on tars to gain more insight into their composition and, if possible, the origin of the carcinogenic fractions;
genetic research on Virginia and Burley to find low tar varieties;
studies on whether the tar content can be reduced by changing growing techiques (manuring, irrigation, topping, etc).


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