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Training grapheme-phoneme correlations with a child-friendly computer game in preschool children with familial risk of dyslexia


The objective of the proposed European research project is to investigate the effects of training with a child friendly computerized grapheme-phoneme correspondence game on alleviation and possible prevention of severe problems in reading and spelling acqu isition at preschool age in several language contexts within Europe. The aim is that children actively train the important correspondences through an interesting game and learn through good representations of grapheme-phoneme correspondences on which they can form a solid foundation for their reading acquisition. If the training helps children this would have a profound effect on the individuals themselves as well as the society in large. The significant outcome of the research conducted through the COST A8 action headed by Prof. Lyytinen (Agora Center and Centre of Excellence, the host organization) showed that the orthography of a language has an extensive influence on reading acquisition, and thus, by including different types of orthographies into the pr oposed research we will ensure that the outcomes of the research will be generalizable. The team will be utilizing multiple approaches to achieve its objectives to further the understanding of learning grapheme-phoneme correspondences in dyslexia. The tea m will include researchers using behavioral and psychophysical (fMRI, ERP) methods as well as doing conformational analysis in genetics. The research with its practical aims is seen as an important step from understanding dyslexia to helping individuals wh o may suffer from dyslexia early in the development thus possibly hindering their difficulties with learning through written language. Together with the objectives and due to the standard of previous related research of the host and the team leader the tea m's research effort will have an opportunity to reach for a leading edge in interdisciplinary research activities in the field of dyslexia.


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