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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Glossy magazine quality colour E-Paper


Electronic replacement of printed-paper, e-paper, will have drastic impact on the world we live in. Millions of sheets of printed papers in offices around the globe are consumed every day. It is believed that electronic devices for document reading will seriously reduce the load this imposes on our environment. Moreover, high quality e-paper enables the dream of having information distribution anytime, anywhere. Today's e-paper devices have very serious shortcomings. They can by far not reach the "whiteness" and contrast of printed text on paper, and they cannot show colour images. This hampers the acceptance of e-paper in the market.

Philips has identified that it is important to have a colour e-paper for increasing the dissemination of information. Therefore, a project team has started developing the technology for colour reflective displays. This team has identified gaps in their knowledge that have to be filled. In the fast changing world of information technology, it is important that these gaps are filled quickly. The objective of the ToK is to explore and develop new materials, processes and components for high quality colour e-paper.

Three fellows are necessary to bring scientific know-how in the following areas:
- Innovative ways of building nano-particle based e-paper displays using self-organizing assembly methods involving functional polymers.
- Nanoporous materials offering a low refractive index and new ways to tune their optical properties need to be developed.
- New diffractive optical components and photonic bandgap materials will be explored and the state of the art in optical telecommunication technology will be transferred into the new area of e-paper displays.

Joining the scientific knowledge of the fellows with the application experience of the host will lead to a new colour e-paper display technology.

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