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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Regional innovation strategy for the North Western and North Central regions of Bulgaria


The proposed project RIS MIZIA BG aims to help the proper identification of Bulgaria's North Western and the North Central Planning Regions local needs and peculiarities under the priorities set out by the region and addresses them via the use of appropriate methodologies, tools and know-how developed within other European Regions in terms of innovation.

It is a first step toward supporting innovation in the North Western and North Central Region of Bulgaria. It aims at uniting all the regional key actors for the improvement of the overall competitiveness of the region. For the achievement of this goal emphasis will be laid on innovation in all spheres of public life. The key instrument for uniting the regional stakeholders will be the consensus building by using the wide discussions and forum approach.

With this approach the business, the regional authorities, the academic institutions and the intermediary organisations will move together toward the prioritisation of the different branches of the regional economy into which innovation must be introduced. This, along with the creation and development of the innovative culture in the region as a whole, will facilitate the establishment of regional networks that support innovation, both inside the region and with the EU partners.

Local key players will be encouraged to undertake and implement innovative actions. By introducing innovation at all public levels and all major spheres of industry the attainment of the successful integration of the North Western and North Central Region of Bulgaria into the European Research Area will be sought.

The proposed management structure aims to ensure the bottom-up approach in the strategy development and to facilitate the consensus building on different levels. The innovative Forum approach will be implemented as an appropriate tool for involvement of all key actors in structured discussion, oriented toward consensus-adopted decisions.

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