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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Analysis and design of large-scale sensor networks for distributed control applications


Dramatic advances in MEMS, DSP capabilities, computing, and communication technology are revolutionizing our ability to build massively distributed, easily deployed, self-calibrating, disposable wireless sensor networks. Soon, the fabrication of inexpensive millimetre-scale autonomous electromechanical devices containing a wide range of sensors including acoustic, vibration, pressure, temperature, humidity, magnetic, biochemical, will be readily available.

These potentially mobile devices, provided with their own microprocessor and power supply, will be able to communicate with close neighbour sensors devices via low-power wireless communication, and forming a wireless sensor networks with up to 100,000 devices. Sensor networks can offer access to an unprecedented quality and quantity of information.

This information can revolutionize an individual's control of the environment, and their ever-decreasing cost will make sensor networks ubiquitous in many aspects of our lives. These include home-automation, environmental monitoring, transportation systems, automotive control, autonomous systems for space exploration, and manufacturing automation.

Our project will consider the control issues and requirements arising from distributed control applications, which exploit large sensor networks for the monitoring and control of large, rapidly changing environments.

In contrast to the current research trend, which is mainly concerned with the co-development of hardware and software tools for the rapid prototyping of software, we will focus on defining a language that will describe the tradeoffs between computation, communication, energy usage, and control accuracy.

The main innovative claims that will be generated from this project include
- development of new concepts and tools for the abstraction and analysis of sensor networks,
- design of control systems under communication constraints, and
- real-time processing of distributed sensory data.

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