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Microbial diversity in aquatic ecosystems, novel microorganisms and their potential applications


Molecular, mainly DNA based tools allow to study and facilitate studies in time and cost effective way on any microbial communities, e.g. aquatic, soil, human microflora etc., without the need for extensive cultivation. However, cultivation remains the main tool in studying physiology and other specific properties of microorganisms.

Aims of the project:
- Molecular characterization and isolation of novel microbes from the humics rich aquatic ecosystems such as pristine peat bogs ponds, humic lakes and rive rs.
- Optimization of DNA extraction and purification from humics rich environmental samples;
- Screening for novel secondary metabolites and their application in biotechnology and biomedicine.

The applicant will return to his home country after finishing his Marie Curie Individual grant (Cat 30) and will establish a new interdisciplinary team at the Institute of Technology at Tartu University (IT TU) in Estonia. Interdisciplinarity between molecular biology, microbial ecology, and environmental microbiology will be introduced.

Call for proposal

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