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Rational Design and Characterisation of Supramolecular Architectures on Surfaces


We propose to design self-organised supramolecular devices on tailored template surfaces for potential applications in information processing, data storage, sensors, actuators, responders, and opto-electronic devices. The molecular building blocks will be functionalized according to their electronic and transport properties, their assembly will be studied by a wide range of experimental and theoretical methods. The specific research target of our project is the development of efficient strategies for the d irected and site-selective molecular self-assembly on surfaces, which we consider an indispensable prerequisite for the technical realization of supra-molecular design and engineering. The central aspect is to introduce site selectivity not only in the mut ual interaction of molecular building blocks but also in the interaction of the molecular building blocks with the substrate surface. The research strategy follows a three step procedure: (i) The fabrication of template surfaces with well defined nucleati on sites for the subsequent molecular self-assembly process. Such templates will for instance be realized by two- dimensional strain relief or dislocation networks. (ii) These template surfaces will be used for the site-specific anchoring of a first specie s of molecular building blocks functionalized to specifically interact with a second species. (iii) Using a sequence of this type of site-selective self-assembly processes, unique and complex binary or ternary supramolecular architectures with novel proper ties shall be designed. Combining experimental and theoretical analysis for the targeted modification of our molecular compounds, we shall optimize the ensuing supra-molecular assemblies for potential technical applications.

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