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This proposal aims to the engagement of the mathematical research community in the process of identifying future research opportunities through a collaborative two-year project of major European mathematical research centres. The role of Mathematics as a rapidly evolving methodological basis for many scientific and social domains is particularly stressed. The objectives of the project are the following: 1. Designing curricula and finding ways to train researchers into emerging specialties of Mathematics , linked especially with Systems Biology, Neuroscience, Risk Assessment, and Digital Content Security. 2. Identifying future research opportunities on the interface between Mathematics and suitable areas of Medicine and Social Sciences. 3. Prom oting the collaboration of the main European research centres in Mathematics into a joint multidisciplinary effort to draw up innovative research programmes. 4. Foster the exchange of information, resources and needs between researchers in pure and a pplied Mathematics and targeted users from industry. 5. Facilitate contacts between the working mathematical community and scientific policy makers from member states and from the European Union itself. 6. Ensure a widespread dissemination of t he information gathered by the participants during the period 2005-2007 about the development and prospects of the chosen emerging disciplines. These objectives will be achieved through the organisation of coordination activities such as training sem inars, round tables, setting up of expert groups, and launching of a public information system by the Consortium, including the publication of a middle report and a book of conclusions.

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