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Innovative Energy Research


In Europe a number of different approaches are being followed to stimulate innovative energy research on a national and regional level. Innovative energy research is taken to mean research into energy technologies in the very first stages of development (n ew inventions). The INNER project will establish cooperation between European national research programmes that stimulate innovative energy research. This cooperation will contribute to the coherence and coordination of the European Research Area, through benchmarking of approaches and a set of joint transnational programme activities. The activities are designed to allow a durable collaboration, beyond the duration of the INNER project. In recent years more and more countries have started to recognise the importance of dedicated attention to the identification and stimulation of innovative energy options. INNER gathers programme managers and programme owners from ten European countries. They have adopted various strategies to bridge the gap between advance s in fundamental research and innovations in energy technology. The INNER project brings these programmes together and will therewith structure and strengthen the European Union?s activities to support innovative energy research. The INNER project will i mprove coordination and collaboration through information exchange and analysis of strategic elements in the first two years of its operation. This will lead to a benchmarking of approaches and a proposal for joint transnational pilot activities. The third and fourth year of operation will focus on implementing and evaluating these activities. Finally, a high level policy conference will mark the conclusion of the ERANET, and the beginning of a lasting collaboration. INNER will contribute to the further d evelopment of national strategies for stimulating innovative energy research and improve coherence of national approaches.

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