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Strengthening Photonics and Optical Technologies for Europe


Mission The 3-year project ERA-SPOT aims to consolidate the research funding activities in Optical Technology (OT) throughout Europe. This shall be realised by the co-ordination of national programmes by means of developing and implementing joint strategies and actions. While research and innovation in OT play increasingly important roles in several Member States, funding activities at national level are still fragmented. A joint effort of all Member States engaged in the promotion of OT is an indispensable precondition for the exploitation of Europes high economic and societal potential of OT. The critical mass required to compete on the world stage can only be achieved by combining the specific competencies, strengths and resources throughout Europe. Objectives - Set the stage for the open co-ordination of national research and innovation policies. - Develop common instruments, mechanisms and strategies for joint activities. - Institutionalise ERA-SPOT and implement long-term collaboration. At large, ERA-SPOT is expected to lead to a higher degree of synergy, to a more efficient use of resources and to durable co-operation throughout Europe. Consortium The consortium comprises representatives of all significant OT-related funding programmes throughout Europe. Representing six Member States, all participants are key actors and/or the primary governmental bodies in the research systems of their respective countries. Altogether they are responsible for relevant programmes with a total annual budget of more than 85 million EUR. Moreover, information exchange beyond the consortium and the preparedness to integrate newly emerging programmes and further Member States will ensure an exhaustive pan-European co-ordination.

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