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Improvement of the S&T research capacity of TUBITAK-MRC IE in the fields of hydrogen technologies


The strategic objective of the proposed project is to improve the research capacity of the excellence center on hydrogen technologies (herein referred to as the "Center") at TUBITAK-MRC Institute of Energy (IE). Specifically, the Center aspires to improv e its research capacity in the areas of hydrogen production, purification, and storage. As indicated by established research priorities in both Turkey and Europe, advancement of hydrogen research in these areas is fundamental to developing sustainable en ergy systems for the future. The approach for accomplishing the project objective is multi-faceted. The approach includes: upgrading and renewal of related laboratory equipment; employment opportunities at the Center for graduate students; participation in international conferences; coordination of national seminars for information dissemination within Turkey; advisory board meetings between the Center and MS/ACC organizations to identify joint research activities; training courses for appropriate Cent er personnel on select hydrogen technology topics; and technical visits to and short-stays at hydrogen laboratories abroad. These planned activities will benefit the Center in many ways. Existing laboratory infrastructure will be improved, and the train ing necessary to expand the knowledge and capabilities of the Center's hydrogen researchers will be obtained. Also, strategic networks and partnerships with private and public institutions in Turkey and in Europe will be developed. This improved networkin g will promote information sharing and cooperative research opportunities, and will facilitate increased synergy and participation with other countries in the 6th Framework Programme and future programmes. The project will also increase employment opport unities for graduate students in Turkey involved in related hydrogen studies, simultaneously improving the skills and potential of these young scientists.

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