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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Sustainable Bridges: Assessment for future traffic demands and longer lives (SUSTAINABLES BRIDGES)


Upgrading of the existing European railway bridges is needed to meet the demands for increased railway transportation capacity. The objectives of this project are to -Increase the transport capacity of existing bridges by allowing axle loads up to 33 tones for freight traffic at moderate speeds -Increase the capacity for passenger traffic with low axle loads by increasing the maximum speeds up to 350km/hour -Increase the residual lifetime of existing bridges with up to 25% -Enhance management, strengthening and repair systems The overall goal is to enable improved capacity without compromising the safety and economy of the working railway. Much previous research work has been carried out within the above areas. There is, however, a need for integration, innovative development and testing in order to establish efficient procedures for management and safe upgrading of railway bridges.

The following work will be carried out: Map existing knowledge and bridge types (WP 1)·Investigate demands for interoperability between countries (WP2)·Develop new methods for condition assessment and inspection (WP 3)·Develop new methods to determine capacity and resistance. Investigate loads and load distributions (WP4)·Develop monitoring methods based on new technologies (WP 5)·Develop new repair and strengthening methods using e.g. carbon fibres (WP 6) Demonstrate new methods by field testing of existing and new bridges (WP 7-8)·Train bridge consultants and contractors in the use of the new methods (WP 9)

The project will be carried out by a consortium of bridge owners, consultants, contractors universities and research institutes from all over Europe. Professor Ingvar Olofsson, Skanska, Sweden, will be coordinator and Professor Lennart Elfgren, Luleå University of Technology Sweden, will be Scientific Leader. A team of Work Package Leaders will report to an Executive Board appointed by a General Assembly, where all represented.

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