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Intelligent Networked Manufacturing System


INMAS will develop a new technology, the Smart-Connected-Control Platform (SCC platform) for manufacturing enterprises. With help of a learning mobile agent platform, innovative mechatronics, and ubiquitous augmented reality, the project will implement a research prototype for a manufacturing plant capable of proactive maintenance/self-calibration, dynamic reconfiguration, and real-time error diagnosis/self-healing. The SCC platform seamlessly integrates personnel, manufacturing machines, a fleet of robots, produced parts, and external maintenance crews.

INMAS uses a point-to-point network for distributed information processing. Intelligent robots deliver goods (with smart tags) on flexible routes set just in time by the SCC platform. Ubiquitous augmented reality systems enable operators to interact with the system on site and provide information that cannot be extracted by sensors while using a PDA to overlay complex data with real parts during the production process. Using virtual reality customers can configure their customized products, which will be implemented just in time by the SCC platform.

The main project deliverable will be a fully functional SCC platform that can be applied to virtually any type of production plant.

INMAS addresses the following objectives of the call:
- manufacturing system development
- increasing product variants
- integrated customer requirements
- innovative mechatronics
- advanced control and networking of embedded systems
- dynamic reconfiguration of production and manufacturing processes
- multidisciplinary and dynamic work environment
- multi-stakeholder involvement
- innovative approaches to customisation fulfilment
- logistics and maintenance via mobile miniature and wireless devices and smart tags.

The consortium consists of research institutes, SMEs, and industrial partners. They all have a clear role in the project and are well distributed in Europe. Almost all partners are part of the NoE I'PROMS.

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