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Strengthening the Research and Technological Capacity in the Field of Nanostructured Thin Films, Hard and Superhard Coatings


The project is aimed to afford an opportunity for the scientists from the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) in consolidating of the knowledge on the nanostructured thin films, hard and superhard coatings and to improve the related technological capacity. Nanostructures have been successfully applied in the new device generation of the modern microelectronics, whereas superhard coatings based on nanostructured films are widely used in many areas of the advanced industry. Hence the understanding of the growt h mechanisms and the properties of nanostrucred films are of great importance. IAP has wide experience in the technology and characterisation of thin films for semiconductor devices. This work is well known between the European researches and gives an appr oved position of IAP in the power semiconductor device community. The project will strengthen the established collaborations and the further progress in this field.Last two years the scientists from IAP have been working intensively on hard coatings for cu tting tools developing technology and PVD equipment in replay to the needs of Bulgarian industry and orders received outside the country. The further progress of these activities needs close collaboration with the leading research groups in that area. The goal of the project will be achieved by exchange visits of scientists from IAP and leading European groups during which lectures and joint experiments will be realised. International workshops and a conference will be organised forward the dissemination of the knowledge on nanostructured thin films, hard and superhard coatings. The renewal of the equipment will improve the technological capacity in accordance to the new requirements. The project realization will create beneficial relations with the European science community and will have significant impact at regional and national level due to the dissemination of the knowledge and multiplication of the practical results by the reinforced centre of competence.

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