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The role of wave - mean flow interaction and eddy lifecycles for midlatitude atmospheric variability


Understanding the variability of the midlatitude atmosphere is centralto understanding weather and climate. A central part of thisvariability is the interaction between the jet stream and the weathersystems that develop on it. A potentially useful paradigm is the timeevolution, or "life cycle" of typical weather systems. Studies haveshown that there are two types of life cycles, which are sensitivelydependent on the structure of the jet stream. The two life cycles inturn affect the jet stream in very differ ent ways. Such an interactionbetween the jet and the eddies, which entails a change in eddy lifecycle, provides a mechanism by which the system might undergo largevariations, both internally generated and in response to externalforcing (e.g. climate change ). This proposal will examine the role ofwave-mean flow interaction, in particular via a change in eddy lifecycle, for the variability of midlatitude circulation. Proposed workincludes understanding the dynamics of the North Atlantic Oscillation- the domi nant circulation pattern which is strongly tied toweather and climate in Europe, and understanding the mechanisms bywhich the midlatitude circulation responds to the tropical phenomenaof El Nino. This proposal will enable the researcher to establish anAtmo spheric Dynamics research group at Tel Aviv University where shewill start a faculty position in the near future.

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