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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Catalytic, environmental-friendly, fuel flexible and cost effective burner for domestic boiler


Due to the growing concern of the European Union regarding NOx emissions, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and energy savings, household appliance manufacturers must develop technologies able to comply with existing and forthcoming regulations that will be more and more stringent. For domestic boilers, the burner is the critical component for such progress. However, optimisation of the design of traditional burners has reached its limits in this field and induces technology suppliers of the sector to embark on the catalytic combustion track. The BURNERCAT project aims to provide the SME proposers of the partnership a cost-effective solution to manufacture efficient and reliable catalytic burners. A successful implementation of this innovative technology requires the necessary RandD investments. The main deliverable of the BURNERCAT project will be a catalytic burner for a domestic boiler application (average heat input 10 kW) with the following specifications:- ultra-low NOx emissions ( <20 mg / kWh)- cost-effectiveness through optimized use of noble metals- fuel-flexibility (methane, LPG)- high modulation properties leading to savings in terms of gas consumption and CO emissions through operating abilities in the lowest heating powers (below 3 kW)The technical objectives of the project will be achieved through innovative development on:- the combustion support,- the catalyst,- the deposition methods. In 2002, the gas heating market has reached a total of 5 million boilers with an annual growth rate of 3-5 %, which gives a encouraging idea of the exploitation potential. The success of the project would enable:- technology providers SMEs (SUNKISS, NORTA, SCHWANK, TECNES) to emerge as leaders in these high-tech sectors (deposition methods, burner manufacturing) and anticipate stringent forthcoming regulations in the field- the end-user (MTS) to benefit from a high-performing and cost-effective innovation.

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