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Multifunctional Dendrimers as targeted drug delivery systems


Multifunctional dendrimers have emerged as potential candidates for targeted drug delivery systems. In the proposed project, dendrons with different surface groups will be synthesized via convergent methodology. New synthetic methods will be developed to obtain dendrimers from combination of such dendrons.

Dendrimers having targeting groups and drug moieties conjugated at the surface will be synthesized with the aim of targeted drug delivery to colon and bone. Recently, colon targeting became much more attractive for delivery of drug molecules due to the low digestive enzymatic activity and high residence time compared to the stomach and small intestine. Also, for treatments of local diseases of the colon like ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and colon cancer, drug targeting not only reduces the dose to be administered, but also reduces the incidence of possible adverse effects associated with these chemotherapeutic agents. Along with colon targeting, segmented dendrons having bisphosphonate groups, as bone-targeting agents will be synthesized. These multi-functional dendrimers will then be evaluated for their efficiency towards bone adenocarcinoma.

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