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Content archived on 2024-05-29


Final Report Summary - METU-CENTER (Middle East Technical University Central Research Laboratory in Nanotechnology, New Materials, New Processes and Biotechnology)

The general aim of this project was to improve and strengthen the human and equipment resources of the Middle East Technical University Central Laboratory (METU-CL) in the area of nanotechnology and nanosciences, knowledge based multifunctional materials, new production processes and devices (NMP), and molecular biology and biotechnology for food quality and safety.

This improvement was expected to raise the research capacity of the centre to the level of leading research centres in Europe. As METU has been acting as a centre and initiator of several national projects with many other universities in Turkey, this project will have an impact on the research capacity of the whole country through the nation-wide networks which are already established.

Integration with other European centres was one of the objectives of the project. METU-CENTER project team has organised several activities to induce and enhance this integration including large and small workshops, seminars, mutual expert visits, young student visits and joint project proposal preparations. All these activities have increased METU's visibility across Europe. At least three new successful Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project has been prepared through connections established by METU-CENTER project.

METU-CENTER project has contributed to improving the quality of research undertaken at METU through the establishment of a new laboratory, and support provided to graduate students. Young researchers have visited other developed research centres to carry out some of their experiments and share experience. Many Ph.D. and M.Sc. thesis work have benefited from the support provided by the METU-CENTER project.

METU-CENTER has contributed to the establishment a new laboratory in which nanotechnology applications can be carried out. The laboratory consists of a clean room equipped with many types of equipments including an electron beam lithography system. Features with less than 50 nm can be fabricated in this new laboratory which is unique in Turkey and open to all researchers established in Turkey.

The METU-CENTER project has established a network of people and laboratories working in the field of nanotechnology. This was the first time such a network has been experienced in Turkey. METU-CENTER project was implemented through five work packages (WPs) listed below:
- WP1: Dissemination of knowledge
- WP2: Human resource development: student and expert visits
- WP3: Management of the project
- WP4: Networking at national and international level
- WP5: Upgrading the research infrastructure of the METU central laboratory