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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Secure Advanced Integrated layer design for wireless networks


The objective of the project is to lay solid foundations for re-integration of the visiting researcher in the academic environment in Greece and Europe. The novel paradigm of cross-layer design for wireless networks will be studied, the first traces of which have appeared in recently proposed architectures and standards. Adaptable physical-layer parameters, such as transmission power, modulation level, channel coding rate, frequency selection and beam orientation in multiple antenna systems are to the disposal of higher layer mechanisms.

These parameters will aid decisions at higher layers, such as channel access, resource allocation, memory buffer management, routing and even intrusion or protocol misbehaviour detection. Current system design is focused on s ingle layer and thus constrains system performance close to their practical limits. The research goal of the project is to study effective inter-layer communication mechanisms, devise cross-layer-based algorithms for optimised performance in several aspect s of wireless network design and turn the proposed methodology into a fully operational architecture.

The main research objectives involve cross-layer resource allocation issues in infrastructure-based wireless networks, energy-efficient communication in a d-hoc wireless networks, cross-layer-assisted designs with adaptive antennas for further performance enhancement and also resolution of arising intrusion detection and security issues. Analytical and simulation methods will enable thorough treatment of the topic. Re-integration of the researcher will be pursued with a concrete action that includes research, co-operation with other faculty members of the university, supervision of students, organization and teaching of relevant courses, collaboration with visiting scientists from abroad, organization of seminars, participation in conferences and intensive publication of results. It is envisioned that the project will promote European excellence in the field.

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