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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Bayesian photometric red shifts: Public software and application to Cosmology

Final Activity Report Summary - BPZ (Bayesian photometric redshifts: Public software and application to Cosmology)

This project has focused on improving the techniques that astronomers use to measure galaxy colours and redshifts. We have produced a catalogue of all the galaxies detected in the deepest observation carried out by the Hubble Space Telescope, the Ultra Deep Field, and designed and developed tools to analyse one of the most important astronomical surveys to be carried out from a telescope in continental Europe, ALHAMBRA-S, which is observing 4 square degrees of the sky (about 20 times the size of the full moon) with 23 filters.

We expect ALHAMBRA to produce detailed colour and redshift information for more than half a million galaxies. In addition we have developed a new tool, called LensPerfect, to map the distribution of dark matter in galaxy clusters.