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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Computer-Supported Enterprise-Wide Data Engineering


The objective of this project is to develop a methodology and a computer-based toolkit for enterprise-wide data engineering. The toolkit will be based on the expansion and integration of current approaches with the aim of producing a unified methodology for enterprise-wide data engineering.

The CODE project aims at supporting enterprise-wide data engineering in all phases. The project covers the creation and customizing of enterprise-wide data models, starting from the creation of generic and partial models and then transforming the partial models into particular, enterprise-specific-models. In addition, the project allows the analysis of the current data structures within a company using a classification and re-engineering approach for the migration from hierarchical or network-oriented databases towards relational databases.

Furthermore, CODE allows to carry out simulations which rely upon the data stored in the enterprise's databases thus eliminating the necessity of feeding this data manually into the simulation models.

Usage of the computer-supported CODE methodology may substantially reduce the effort of creating an enterprise-wide data model. Instead of creating the model for every enterprise from scratch, CODE provides the functionality to create the model in a customizing process starting from existing reference models, that are stored in a library. Data engineering is further improved by providing support for the analysis of existing data structures as well as their linkage to the conceptual model.

The project will produce a new IT product that enhances the functionality of existing tools. The enterprise-wide data model will provide:

- an information systems design framework including data modelling, classification, re-engineering and simulation
- data documentation methods
- a reference model for the harmonization of implemented information systems
- a common data-migration path
- a management tool and the basis for developing integrated information systems.

The project will also address economic benefits, SME simulation needs,the interfacing of simulation tools and the promotion of integration as an everyday management tool.


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