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Enhancement the Quality Participation at FP6 Projects in the Polymer Nanomaterials Field

Final Report Summary - ENPONA (Enhancement the Quality Participation at FP6 Projects in the Polymer Nanomaterials Field)

ENPONA is a Specific Support Action under the specific unique call: 'Reinforcement of the competitiveness of the three candidate countries, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey'. The project was implemented to stimulate and facilitate the participation of the most promising polymer centre from Romania in the activities of both priority thematic areas and cross-actions of ECFP. The major objective of the ENPONA project was to enhance the scientific and technological potential of ICECHIM - Polymer Department. During the ENPONA project, the Polymer Department developed relevant activities in a coherent strategy.

The major achievements of the Enpona project, i.e. the fully equipped facility to enable the high level research in obtaining and characterisation of nanostructured polymeric material and a very motivated young team, trained in prestigious EU scientific institutions were presented on the web site of the project. It is the instrument to inform Romanian and especially international research units of our present potential as partner in scientific projects.

A special section in the web page is designed to present a detailed offer of scientific services based on the new equipment purchased, valorising the expertise of all our personnel in performing sophisticated measurements and research activities in topics on nanostructured and hybrid materials containing polymers.

Since the creation of the web page, the networking activity became more effective, interested partner could find information about us (research interest, specific topics, expertise and technical potential) very easy, simply accessing the web page which is periodically revised at the address:

Another special section on the web site is designed to host general information about the project in several EU languages, in order to facilitate the access of general public from as many as possible countries. An important goal of dissemination activity is awareness of general public and policy makers about the major results obtained in this project and to explain the catalyst role of this kind of European support activity on the general development of our department, as a model of 'success story'. In order to promote the importance of nanotechnology and the major achievements of the ENPONA project a brief note is accepted to be published in a national journal.