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Multimedia Object-Oriented Shell for Interactive Games using Hypermedia Technology


The project will deliver a new generation range of high-quality, state of the art 3D game systems (high-end arcade systems, PC add-ons) with the following characteristics:

- integrated multiple media output: audio, video, colour 3D graphics
- support for multiplayer/multimachine games
- connection to multimedia servers.

Four key elements are to be designed for this:

- Specialised hardware will be developed with advanced rendering capabilities and integrated sound support. It will provide the 3D graphics, interactive, real-time support for the game.
- A light-weight kernel, which will run on top of the specialised hardware to be built. Real-time characteristics and an object-oriented approach are the underlying basis of the kernel, and it will be formally specified using CCITT's SDL92.
- A complete object-oriented shell to provide support for the development and execution of interactive games. The shell will allow for coherence between development and delivery platforms, as well as across the product range. It will also allow to extend the results to other application areas, providing support for virtual reality training, modelling and games.
- The game development environment, which will run on top of the shell. It will make strong use of hypermedia and object-oriented technologies, in order to allow for the easy, quick and modular development of games.

The systems will be built upon a set of advanced technologies developed under previous ESPRIT projects, integrating them into a synergetic, market driven range of products:

- the image rendering chip developed under the SPIRIT project will be used to provide support for 3D graphics
- the video server developed in LYNX, for real-time video display purposes
- the distribution environment from COMANDOS, to provide support for multimachine games.


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