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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Low-Cost Packaging for Future Multichip Solutions


Electronic equipment manufacturers need to produce ever smaller, cheaper, more powerful and more reliable systems if they want to stay competitive. To master this challenge, they can no longer rely on pure improvement of IC technology; they need innovative but low-cost packaging as well. By packing bare dies on high density substrates all the requirements can be fulfilled, however, todays multichip solutions are by far too expensive.

Within LOCOP, a complete multichip packaging technology will be developed, targeting to bring cost into the area of conventional SMD - mounted Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and even below. Actions are scheduled to open these technologies to the - mainly European - market as a commercial offer. Thus LOCOP will help the European electronic industry (the telecom, automotive, data processing, consumer, medical and industrial automation industry, the large companies as well as the SMEs) to stay competitive, to preserve key technologies, production volumes and added values.

All relevant technologies needed by a MCM foundry to produce as low-cost MCMs as possible are approachable within LOCOP by cooperation of the partners:

- bare chip provision
- materials and microwiring
- substrate technology
- bare chip assembly and bonding
- physical design, verification and test
- encapsulation

Due to the very different individual requirements of these industries, several alternatives have to be explored within LOCOP and then offered by the foundry:

- laminated substrates (probably best in cost) as well as ceramic substrates (thin film offering highest wiring density and a combination of thick and thin film, probably best in cost versus performance) and active silicon substrates
- wire bonding (best currently mastered chip assembly technique) and flip chip (smallest size)
- completely encapsulated modules with a module package as well as uncapsulated modules with capsulated bare dies only.

Several product demonstrators will be designed and manufactured to demonstrate the benefits of the elaborated technologies and to verify that the objectives have been met and to quantify the improvements in cost, size and performance.

Commercial exploitation will be established by an exploitation management team contributing to the definition of foreseeable products or services and ensuring a smooth and fast transition of the foreseen results towards commercial exploitation.


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