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Content archived on 2024-05-29

New High Heat Conducting Materials and Manufacturing Processes for Improved Efficiency of Heat Management and Packaging Components in Electronics


The project HeatConductives is focused on the improvement of efficiency and reliability of electronic systems by the use of new high heat conducting materials and products formed by the combination of Cu and new vapour grown carbon nanofibres (VGCFs) and nanotubes (CNTs) of outstanding thermal conductivity. Conventional and innovative manufacturing processes will be developed along the project to produce thin foils and 3D near net shape components. HeatConductives specifically addresses the requirement for a new low cost and easy to process material for the industrial requirement of adaptive heat-sinks to assist thermal management. This is an urgent problem, especially for new semiconductors (GaAs or GaN), needing better heat control to get their full potentiality. Heat management critically affects the electronics, microelectronics, telecomm, automotive and avionics industries, impacting speed, size, weight and reliability. This is especially critical for future components managing electric currents and packaging densities orders of magnitude higher than now. A new economically viable material is necessary to solve this problem and enable components with the highest performances. So, the HeatConductives project will develop a generic solution suitable for use across a wide range of European Industry serving the high thermal performance and reliability markets. The project target is to develop a heat-sink material with the advantages:
-Reduced cost and increased heat conductivity than state of the art materials
-Low and tailored CTE
-Manufactured by high yield industrial processes (Tape Casting; Metal Injection Moulding)
-Easy machinability, The following partial objectives are summarised:-Development of heat conductive VGCNFs and CNTs. -Production of feedstock for MIM and TC with Cu and C. -Development manufacturing processes for MMCs

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