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Simulation for the Future: New Concepts, Tools and Applications


Simulation based upon models of heterogeneous and multi-paradigm systems, using multiple computer agents and multi-model interfaces is expected to have a growing relevance in the future. In order to improve the efficiency of simulation there is a need for the analysis of the current simulation practice, the formulation of desired goals and recommendations how to reach them, and especially what fundamental basic research needs can be identified. The awareness of simulations being a generic, interdisciplinary tool in scientific and industrial practice (through adequate knowledge dissemination) is also needed. It is an objective of the proposed Working Group to provide stimuli in this direction.


In the first phase the focus will be on:

- Improvement of modelling and simulation processes (multiparadigm modelling concepts, multilanguage sofware systems, combined discrete/continuous simulation).
- New application areas, especially underlying techniques (parallel and distributed simulation, simulation of multicomponent systems).
- User-simulation interfaces (intelligent interfaces, animation, scientific visualisation).


In phase 2 an exploratory action is planned with the purpose of investigating (and reporting) the need for and posssible structure of an "EU Center on Simulation Technology". This Center should provide basic technology and make available knowledge on all subjects having been dealt with in SiE and the WG. In the long term the WG might evolve into a Network of Excellence in Computer Simulation.


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