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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Development of an innovative iron based cellular material -new manufacturing routes for porous structures


The STEMACEL project is dedicated to the development of iron and steel based cellular materials. While the development of cellular aluminium structures ("aluminium foams") has made significant progress during the recent years, there is much less experience available for the manufacturing of steel and iron foams. However, many technological issues know from aluminium foam processes can be adapted to iron-based structures. In the STEMACEL project the two most promising technologies for the manufacturing of iron foams will be further developed: the powder metallurgical route and the meltfoaming route. The development is driven by the requirements for energy absorbing structures (crash test barriers) and noise damping and heat shielding applications in the metal working industry. The project starts with the definition of the requirements of the potential steel foam products. Demonstrators will be defined to ensure that the results elaborated in the project are relevant for an industrial production. In the second workpackage the two technologies (PM route and meltfoaming route) will be optimised and adapted. Sample will be manufactured in order to show, whether the defined targets in terms of mechanical and structural properties, as well as technological production feasibility can be achieved. Finally, demonstrators will be manufactured in order to show the feasibility of an industrial production. The STEMACEL consortium is well balanced an provides key know-how of the production technology through 3 RTD performers. 3 Potential suppliers of iron and steel foam products will evaluate the possibility of establishing the related technologies in their companies. 2 potential end-users bring in their expertise in defining requirements for innovative products made from cellular iron and steel based materials.

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