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Design Knowledge Acquisition and Redesign Environment


The objective of DEKLARE is to produce a system which can then itself be used to build a customised design advisory system capable of encapsulating the design guidelines and standards for the products of a company. The system will have knowledge of the design process and will elicit information on the guidelines from an expert on the product range. The knowledge so extracted will be stored in a design database. The system will use this database, together with existing feature-based CAD systems and constraint management systems, to help the user carry out the design task.

The approach will be to carry out a study of design analysis methodologies using test cases. Suitable methodologies will then be encapsulated in a structured editing system, intended to help the expert build product-specific design databases. A framework will then be developed to combine existing CAD tools and inference engines with the design databases to provide an interactive design advisory system for interactive redesign.

Two industrial case studies will be used at all stages to validate the system's performance on design tasks.

In addition to the application on a restricted range of products within the industrial partners' companies, it is intended that the vendor partner will market the system alongside its current product range.


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