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Development of an intelligent fish tank for cost effective aquaculture through control of water quality in each different fish tank.


European aquaculture production has increased substantially over the last decades. However, overall production growth in Europe over the period 1994-2003 was 5.5% less than the global trend over the same period and the overall price trend was negative (-0.5% APR) vs positive global development. The aquaculture sector has experienced increasing competition from non-EU countries, especially Asia and South America making it imperative to increase research and development in this sector. Land based fish farming is the critical success factor in intensive aquaculture as the start of a very complicated value chain representing a prerequisite in order to have a competitive European aquaculture with regards to 'established' species and introduction of new species in aquaculture. Water quality is the most critical factors in aquaculture and is essential for survival rate as well as growth rate of fish in the different phases of its life cycle. Our project focus on productivity per m3 effective tank volume by increasing density of fish in aquaculture tanks as well as increase the growth rate, hence improve productivity, reduce costs and improve cost/efficiency and competitiveness of land based fish farming in Europe. Oxygen is the most important water quality parameter. Our idea is to develop a cost effective, high efficient system for oxygenation and water distribution in an integrated aquaculture tank system for land based fish farming enabling control of water quality at in each different tank in an aquaculture plant. The principle innovation in this project is the development of a sensor- and control system for oxygenation and water flow for production of different types of fresh- and saltwater fish in land based fish farming industry in Europe. Control of oxygenation of water in aquaculture tanks is also essential for recirculation and reuse of water representing strong environmental advantages compared to iflow-through systems.

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